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Why Do You Need Cast Iron Roasting Pans?

The original cast iron grill is back! Not that they're really gone, but a really good cast iron roasting pan can make a cold day a little less bitter and a host without a backyard can enjoy a barbecue whenever they want.

So if your Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with enticing barbecue recipes and juicy grilled burger dishes, a pig iron grill is the solution for you. So let's get straight to why you should have this cookware in your kitchen.

1. Cook healthy and eat nutritious meals

Our favorite choice is a cast iron square baking tray 12 inches /30 cm. As a raw iron cookware, it can release pure natural iron into food with amazing results. It is an affordable and convenient option to add iron minerals to your diet, making it ideal for those currently taking iron supplements.

The degree to which you absorb the natural iron produced in the raw iron pan depends on the acidity of the food and the cooking time. Therefore, if you are iron deficient, you should not rely entirely on these pans, but can use it to increase the iron content of your diet in addition to eating iron-rich foods.

2. Durable, lifetime use

Cast iron roasting pans are often hailed as the king of cookware and dominate the culinary industry. Despite advances in new technology and the advent of efficient cookware, cast iron roasting pans cook better than most coated cookware on the market due to their durability. Raw cast iron is a more durable cooking tool because it can be used at high temperatures and can withstand damage from metal cookware and cleaners.

3. Excellent insulation

They are able to withstand high temperatures, making them perfect cooking containers for grilling or baking in the kitchen. Being able to cook at high temperatures with raw cast iron allows you to fry steaks and chicken extremely well, while the heat preservation function keeps the food warm for consumption from the oven to the table.

Two baked desserts that are perfect for serving in a raw iron pan are pot brownie and the classic American apple pie.

4. Tough and versatile

We love the versatility of these pans and can be used on almost any heat source: gas, induction hobs, ceramics, halogens, electricity and even campfires!

They're also very tough, and you can use them in a traditional oven or cook them at high temperatures with metal utensils - something most non-stick pans can't do!


How to use a raw cast iron grill pan?

1. Preheat the cast iron baking pan

Gradually reduce the heat to medium to high for at least 5 minutes, rotating at regular intervals. This basically prevents the hot spot from overcooking or scorching certain parts of the meat without affecting other areas of the food.

Quickly check the temperature to see if the pan is hot enough to start adding meat. Flick the water droplets in the pot to see if it evaporates immediately. If so, your baking dish is ready.

Note: When your pan is properly preheated, the edges of your meat and vegetables will charred beautifully, including a rich, salty taste. It makes your food taste more like it's fresh out of an outdoor grill.

2. Add a little oil

Spread a little vegetable oil (or canola oil) on the pan to evenly char. It also prevents food from sticking to the grille and gives your food a lovely cross-shaded line look.

3. Wash your hands with soap

Hand wash the baking sheet with a mild cleaner and use a nylon brush or sponge to scrape off any stuck debris. We recommend using a dish brush for this task.

Remember! Avoid using dishwashers and metal cloths to clean raw cast iron, as it can peel and damage the seasoning on the baking sheet.

4. Dry thoroughly and promptly

Make sure the raw iron pan is completely dry before adding oil to avoid rusting. Use a lint free cloth or paper towel to ensure it is completely dry.

5. Apply a thin layer of oil

Coat the pan with a thin layer of flavoring spray or vegetable oil to keep it in good season and ready to use.

by NEOKAY on 23-07-21

Cristina Fernandez

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