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Advantages of Honeycomb Frying Pan

Honey wok makes you invincible in the kitchen! This frying pan comes in an ultra-rugged honeycomb design or hexagonal design. Stainless steel pans are made of high-quality and durable materials that provide years of culinary pleasure.

Spectacular and healthy non-stick coating

Due to the best choice of materials, 30% energy saving than other pans.

Suitable for all heat sources, including induction

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Thanks to its unique honeycomb non-stick coating, stirring metal cooking objects in the pot is no problem at all. Thanks to this ingenious technique, there are no scratches in the pan.

Due to the honeycomb pattern in the pot, an unprecedented peak and valley structure is formed on the surface of the pot. The valley provides non-stick function and the peak is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel prongs provide extra strength and ensure perfect roasting of your meat.

It's clear that this is a discussion about craftsmanship: the pan is made of 3 premium layers. This is also called a triple layer or triple layer.

The silver pan is made of magnetic stainless steel. This is known for its solid quality. The body of the pan conducts heat in an optimal manner, ensuring that the heat is evenly distributed within the pan. Among other things, this ensures that dishes are heated evenly and cooked entirely according to your own wishes. For other pans, this can be unevenly distributed, resulting in one part of the dish being more cooked than another, and you don't want that. You'll instantly taste the delicious dishes baked in Honey's skillet! This outer layer also makes the pan suitable for all cooktops, such as induction, gas, halogen, electric and ceramic stoves.

The second layer is made of aluminum. Due to the conductivity of this aluminum, you can save 30% of energy on average. The third layer is similarly composed of a layer of high-quality stainless steel to provide extra strength and years of culinary pleasure.

They have the best of both worlds: non-stick features that every cook will appreciate, and the durability of professional stainless steel or cast iron POTS. Compared to a regular pan, you can taste a real difference! No doubt you can also cook meat in a regular pan, but with this pan, you'll also see a delicious crust emerge, making your steak juicy and delicious. Your meat or fish has been professionally grilled to exactly your requirements.


These pans are made from 100% safe materials. With this pot, you are already healthy before you put the food in the pot! We consciously choose pans that do not use chemicals such as pfas/pfoas released at high temperatures, we care about you! That's why we choose healthy pans with reliable non-stick coatings. This way you can prepare the most delicious dishes with confidence!

In short, are you looking for a pan that has multiple benefits and is unique in every way? Then honey frying pan is the best choice!

by NEOKAY on 23-06-16

Cristina Fernandez

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