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What Is A Grill Pan And What Food Should You Cook In It?

What is a grill pan? The grill pan is just a small piece of cooking utensils, with multiple ridges running through it. This replicates the effect of the grill leaving a barbecue line on the food.

Now you may have heard people talk about grill pan and fry pan before, and you may think they are the same because people tend to use these terms interchangeably. But they have subtle differences, which actually leads to each type of cooked food being completely different.

But before we delve deeper into the frying pan, let's talk about the grill pan first.


What is the use of a grill pan?

A grill pan is usually used to cook foods with high fat content, such as beef burgers or steaks, because the spine lifts the food and the fat drips to the bottom of the pot. This can prevent food from reabsorbing excess fat.

But grill pan can also be used to make food more fashionable, such as sandwiches and vegetables. When you see those dark brown barbecue lines passing through the food, we all like it.


What is the difference between a grill pan and a frying pan?

The grill pan and frying pan are different.

The grill is a square with ridges, while the frying pan is a circular shape with high vertical edges and a flat surface.

These two differences make them completely different when cooking food. As mentioned above, grill pan are suitable for foods with high fat content and foods that look attractive and have barbecue marks.

A frying pan is used to fry grilled meat, brown food, and deep fry in oil, which are cooking techniques that cannot be achieved by a frying pan.


What can I use instead of a grill pan?

In fact, the only viable alternative to the grill pan is the grill in the oven or the grill on the Barbecue grill, both of which will achieve the same effect as the grill.

If you don't have these options and don't have enough space to accommodate any of them, you usually buy a grill pan.


Is it healthy to cook on a grill pan?

Cooking on a grill pan is much healthier than cooking on an ordinary Frying pan, because it can drain excess fat from food. Generally speaking, barbecue will remove a lot of Saturated fat.

But remember, it's healthier, not 'healthy' because people usually don't just cook 'healthy food' on a grill. Therefore, the term 'health' depends on the food you cook.

But on the whole, it is healthier than ordinary Frying pan.


How to use a grill on the stove?

The grill is basically the same as any other Frying pan on the stove. You should put them on the stove and heat them.

However, there is a slight difference, as the food is cooked on the ridge of the grill, you should apply cooking oil to the food instead of oil on the grill.


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