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The pots and pans set comes with 5 layers: non-stick layer, wear-resistant reinforcement layer, alloy heat-conducting layer, concentrated aluminum layer, and induction base bottom. It can absorb heat efficiently, and the heat penetrates the food instantly, stimulating and releasing the original flavor of the food, while the good thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy makes cookware more energy-saving.

Suitable for all types of stoves: Gas, electric, ceramic, glass top and induction. For even heat distribution for full flavor browning and easy release

Stays cool to the touch, ergonomic soft touch handles that are heat resistant made of silicon for a comfortable grip

Sophisticated & Eye appealing stylish surface made out of colors inspired by nature at the same time preventing the surface from becoming stained or discolored, making it wonderfully easy to clean and maintain.

Our product is Constructed of sturdy, heavy duty, resistant and durable material compared to other similar products

Designed with an advanced non-stick coating, anti-adhesive surface allowing you to cook healthier foods with less oil, butter or fats. Resulting in an incredible combination of performance and durability that is safe and beneficial to your health

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