Titanium Teapot Set with 4 Tea Cups Removable Titanium Filter and Infuser Metal Tea Maker Filter Dishwasher Safe Tea Gift Set Tea Set for Service of 4 Adults


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EASY TO USE: Add tea to the tea infuser, carefully pour hot water into the teapot, carefully pour into the teacup to serve. Stovetop available.

FRESH FLAVOR AND INFUSION: Titanium Teapot with Infuser is perfect for tea lovers. The titanium in this tea maker does not retain flavors and allows you to see flowering tea bloom or tea steep. The titanium fine mesh tea infuser also acts like a tea strainer for debris-free tea.

GREAT FOR ENTERTAINING OR GIFTS: This titanium teapot set can easily brew 4 cups of tea, making it perfect for entertaining or a gift.

MULTI-PURPOSE USES: Perfect for everyday use with loose leaf tea, standard tea bag, green tea, black tea. The removable infuser accommodates flowering tea or blooming tea.

EASY TO CLEAN SET INCLUDES: The teapot, infuser, and tea cup set are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean in between uses.

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